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Survival Vest


Swimmer harness

Survival Vest & Life Preserver (Pilot Version)


  • Designed to avoid poor posture that other harnesses do not and in turn
    create neck problems while wearing helmets and being strapped in.
  • Only Survival Vest/Life Preserver Pairing that was fully tested and certified as a complete unit.
  • Damage Resistant (from puncture) Inflation Cells.


  • Manual Operated CO 2 Inflated Inflation Cell
  • Twin Chamber Floating Baffle design
  • Survival Vest Design contains MOLLE adjustable Pockets for stowage of essential Safety items ––(Safety items not supplied)
  • FAA TSO C 85 b approved light
  • Integrated Restraint/Winching Harness/Fall Arrest
  • Quick Release Three Ring Circus ready
  • Webbing Cutter Optional
  • Splash Face Hood Optional
Rugged Anvis Mount

Inflation System

Swimmer harness

Spare Air Retainers
Left & Right hand side options MOLLE adjustable pockets

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