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Stretchers & Hoists

Carbon Fiber Evac Stretcher

spare air 4000psi
spare air 4000psi

Standout Perfomance

  • Stabilizing/Anti Rotation Rudder that allows hoisting without tag lines
  • Weighs only 18 5 lbs 8 4 kg)
  • Fold In Half Design to Reduce Footprint when stowed
  • Narrow Fit (for narrow entrances typically found on Rotorwing
    Tiltwing, and Maritime Operations)


  • Carbon Fiber construction for increased strength and reduced weight.
  • Cordura Flame Resistant Bed easy to clean blood/grime contamination.
  • Load Capacity is 330 7 lbs 150 kg)
  • Maximum Load Capacity from testing is 1 653 5 lbs 750 kg)
  • Hi Tensile Alloy Fittings
  • 3 Patient Comfort Pads
  • Modular Construction
  • Easy to Remove and Clean Cordura Bed.
  • Modular Flotation Strap very compact and lightweight easy to add,
    easy to remove.

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Poseidon Stretcher

The Poseidon Stretcher project had many unique design requirements. It had to be foldable for compact aircraft storage, made from lightweight materials, have a high load rating and a down wash stabilisation rotor. We designed the Poseidon Stretcher to meet strict aviation equipment standards and health regulations. It is rewarding to know the design of the Poseidon Stretcher helps rescuers transport and treat patients safely, quickly and conveniently.

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