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Active Noise Reduction System

Active Noise Reduction System

Improved Hearing Protection and Improved Communication

The PFG Active Noise Reduction System provided by Pro Flight Gear (PFG) allows for increased audibility of received communication while also improving the overall hearing protection of the user.

Active Noise Reduction System Performance Graph

Designed for Extreme Noise

The PFG Active Noise Reduction System has been designed for the unique environment of aircrew exposed to high frequency engine noise in flight. Unlike commerically designed Active Noise Reduction systems the spectrum targeted by the PFG ANR System is better suited for environments over 100 decibels.



The PFG Active Noise Reduction System has an overall Noise Rating Reduction of 31.5. This means that it is providing an overall noise elimination of nearly 32 decibels. This vastly outperforms non-ANR systems while also being a better fit for the flight environment when compared to other ANR systems used by aircrew. For optimized performance pair with Zero-G Earseals and Helmet Liners.


Easily Integrates with Existing Systems

The PFG Active Noise Reduction System is compact and easily adaptable to many helmet earcups as well as headsets. The system works with two AA Batteries in a compact battery case that affixes to the helmet or headset easily. Installation can be done by customer or performed by Pro Flight Gear helmet technicians.


Complete Active Noise Reduction (ANR) SystemPFG-ANR$375.00
Installation of ANR into your Helmet/HeadsetPFG-ANR-I$75.00


Complete Active Noise Reduction (ANR) System

Installation of ANR into your Helmet/Headset

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