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Pro Flight Gear

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Aviation Life Support Equipment

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Authorized Gentex Distributor
Alpha Eagle Flight Helmet | Pro Flight Gear

Alpha Helmets

Alpha Eagle, Alpha 900 Series and Alpha 400 Series flight helmets.
Zero-G Helmet Upgrade Kit | Pro Flight Gear

Zero-G Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your flight helmet with the Zero-G helmet kit.
Helmet Tester | Pro Flight Gear

Helmet Tester

All-in-one helmet tester for aircrew communications systems.
FAABS | Pro Flight Gear


The Fully Articulating Air Bladder System
PACE | Pro Flight Gear


Passive Attenuation Communications Earphone System
ANR | Pro Flight Gear

Active Noise Reduction

Improved hearing protection and improved communication.
Rugged Anvis Mount | Pro Flight Gear

Rugged Anvis Mount

The Rugged ANVIS Mount is designed and manufactured to be a superior mount.
GoPro Mount | Pro Flight Gear

GoPro Mount

The GoPro Mount system attaches a camera to your helmet.
Helmet Services | Pro Flight Gear

Helmet Services

Is it time to inspect and refurbish your helmet? Check out our helmet services.

Pro Flight Gear Capabilities

Increased awareness in flight safety and future regulations are the driving factors for implementing an ALSE program into your daily flight operations. Standard flight equipment and accessories are becoming an expensive asset and they should be placed on a scheduled inspection and maintenance routine to extend the life of your investment while providing the safest gear for your aircrews.

Associate Memberships

Helicopter Association International | Pro Flight Gear
Safe Association | Pro Flight Gear
Airborne Law Enforcement Association | Pro Flight Gear
The Association of Air Medical Services | Pro Flight Gear